How are you?

One of the sessions I was able to get in with my grandpa before he passed away included going through different emotions and him telling me whether he wanted it included in his book. I tried to make it as clear as possible that although he may feel a myriad of different emotions, we only wanted to include emotions he would commonly feel or need to express to others. I didn’t want his communication book to be full of pictures he wouldn’t use because this would just create more pages for him to flip through – conciseness was a goal.

In the end, he settled on 16 emotions that ranged from “excited” to “worried.” Feelings is important to include in an adult communication book because nothing could be more frustrating than for someone who can’t express how they feel.

When going through the process of having the individual choose which emotions to include in their book, I suggest printing out pictures of a person expressing that emotion (these can easily be found online). Since emotion is an abstract concept, it will be easier for the person to identify the emotion from a picture rather than a verbal or written presentation.

IMG_0712 IMG_0713

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